From Alpha male Batman to “BUTTMAN.” The downfall of Ben Affleck

Just in time for the release of Justice League.

It has now become glaringly obvious that the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment, groping and rape scandal has some serious legs, and will bring down lots of A-list executives and celebrities in Hollywood and beyond.

Matt Damon, Russell Crowe, and Jimmy Kimmel are caught up in the Harvey crossfire.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has also been implicated of covering up rape allegations in order to help pal Harvey Weinstein.

In NY, Manhattan Attorney General Cyrus Vance Jr., killed the sexual assault investigation into Weinstein back in 2015, and then, by coincidence we are sure, Harvey’s lawyer, David Boies, donated $10,000 to Vance’s reelection campaign, the International Business Times reports.

But of all the famous figures entangled in Harvey sexual assault web, the most damage has been inflicted on Ben Affleck, who’s been branded a hypocrite, liar, and breast grabbing creep by Rose McGowan.

Via Zerohedge

Soon after Weinstein accused Affleck of lying in a statement disavowing Weinstein, twitter users brought up a 2003 incident where Affleck appeared to grope actress Hilarie Burton live on camera, which in turn prompted several women to come forward to allege that Affleck groped them during a party years ago.

Twitter users gleefully responded by branding Affleck with a hilarious new epithet: The Buttman.

Affleck famously played Batman in a widely panned “Batman vs. Superman.”

Then the other women came forward.

Then BUTTMAN was born

According to Zerohedge, Affleck has yet to respond to the groping accusations…But just in case you weren’t an avid watcher of TRL back in 2003…

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October 13, 2017

Here’s hoping Afleck has grown up in the meantime or will some day soon.

Reply to  my2Cents
October 15, 2017

Those creeps do not grown up.

October 15, 2017

If butt grabbing was ALL any of these deviant HOLY-wood psychopaths did there would not be a nation-wide, nay it has spread to London so I guess it is not world-wide (I hope)…. outcry of outrage.
What about the missing toddlers, the little children that vanish into the maws of this insane “entertainment industry”???
What about the corruption and deviant attacks against humanity inside the Washington beltway?

cross platform
October 16, 2017

I couldn’t resist commenting. Very well written!

L. I. R.
L. I. R.
October 17, 2017

Down with all of Hollywood and the degenerate, democratic-liberal-left wing establishment!!!

Colin smith
Colin smith
December 2, 2017

The characterisation of Affleck is accurate. He started out as a boy star in a show called “The Voyages of the Mimi”, the “Mimi” being a wooden-hulled ex-French sailing/fishing vessel about 70 years old. During a break in the filming of one series at Tulum, Mexico, I spent 10 enjoyable days on her sailing around the Yucatan. Recently l researched the fate of this elegant vessel, and found that she had been abandoned in a creek in Massachusetts, Apparently Affleck was asked to help to save her but declined. She eventually rotted away in s slough near Boston. It is… Read more »

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