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Alex Jones interviews Russian political theorist Alexander Dugin (VIDEO)

Alex Jones interviews Russian political theorist Alexander Dugin (VIDEO)

Alexander Dugin is a widely read political and sociological theorist who is best known for his Fourth Political Theory about a system which will supersede the past/failed ideologies of liberal capitalism, communism and fascism that were the leading and most controversial forces of the 20th century.

Dugin’s views are often misrepresented in the west, while Russian thinkers tend to debate them more objectively.

Recently, InfoWar’s host Alex Jones conducted an exclusive English language interview with Alexander Dugin which gives one the opportunity to hear the popular and at times controversial thinker in his own words.

It is important to note that contrary to what InfoWar’s has posted, Dugin is not and has never been an advisor to President Putin or any other Russian leader. However, it is true that his views are widely read in Russia both by ordinary people, academics and politicians alike.

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