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AG Barr digs in on law & order. SEDITION for violent protestors

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For those who have been hearing mysterious “bangs” and “booms,” no worries, that is just the sounds of tens of thousands liberal heads exploding, as Attorney General William Barr drops truth bomb after truth bomb and Democrats, liberals, and the media ( all the same at this point), just can’t deal.

From telling prosecutors that violent rioters can be charged with “sedition,” to taking aim at some in the DOJ, to calling the lockdowns by governors across the nation, “The greatest intrusion of civil liberties” in history aside from slavery, while taking on the Black Lives Matter movement, stating “They’re not interested in black lives,” Barr has been on a truth bombing run.

On September 11, 2020, Townhall was able to get an exclusive interview with AG Barr, where he let loose some hard truths about the MSM, using the example of their coverage of the violent riots that have been seen over the last few months, in liberal cities like NYC, Portland, Minneapolis and Lancaster.

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September 19, 2020

We saw clearly when Pelosi, Schiff and Gates arrived in Brussels that they were criminally motivated and agin POTUS Trump.

The EU of course are a bent as horse shoe, so they readily welcomed the USA criminal faction of Schiff et al.

By the way the EU has “lost” Euro 15 billion in Kiev .

Of course the USA criminals live 9 000 km away from the chaos they have created.

Biden, Pelosi, Obama, Schiff and many more in the U.S State Dept. are agin the POTUS and actively work to destabalise the USA.

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