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After the battles of Libya and “Karabakh” .. Ankara militants to the Kashmir region to support the Pakistani army against Indian forces Civilian

After the battles of Libya and “Karabakh” .. Ankara militants to the Kashmir region to support the Pakistani army against Indian forces Civilian sources from the northern countryside of Aleppo confirmed that the Turkish forces announced the start of preparing a first batch of militants loyal to it in Afrin in the northern countryside of Aleppo, to send them to the disputed Kashmir region between India and Pakistan.

The sources said that several recruitment offices have resumed their activities in Afrin to receive militants wishing to register their names to move to Kashmir and support the Pakistani army in facing the Indian forces during the battles in the region, noting that the first batch is targeting about / 2000 / militants, who will be sent to the region as soon as their number is complete.

The Turkish temptations to the militants did not differ from the previous inducements that Ankara provided to them during the periods of their recruitment to fight in Libya and Azerbaijan, as the sources indicated that the Turkish forces made an offer to every militant fighting in Kashmir, represented by a monthly salary of / 2000 / US dollars, to be paid to the militant according to A semi-annual contract, in addition to the Turks offering concessions to the families of the militants fighting in Kashmir, such as each family receiving continuous food aid and guarantees not to be exposed to them.

The sources indicated that the demand for registration by the militants was not what it was during the period of conscription to fight in Azerbaijan and Libya, returning the reasons to a situation of instability between the armed factions and the Turkish forces, especially after the latter breached most of their obligations towards the militants who fought in Karabagh, in terms of not paying salaries regularly and refraining from returning all the bodies of the militants who were killed during the battles to the northern countryside of Aleppo.

The sources quoted confirmed information that most of those registered to move to Kashmir at the present time are limited to the militants of the Turkmen factions deployed in the countryside of Afrin region in particular, especially those of the “Sultan Murad” and “Suleiman Shah” brigades, while the turnout was very low for the militants. The rest of the major factions are the “Hamza”, “the Levant Front” and “Army of the Sharqiya”.

The sources also denied the information circulated about the actual beginning of the transfer of militants to Kashmir, stressing that the current stage is still limited to registering the names and gathering the gunmen of the first batch only.

It is noteworthy that Turkey is still deliberately interfering in the internal affairs and local and regional conflicts in the world, as it has been quick since the beginning of the war in Syria to support the Syrian and foreign militants in the face of the Syrian army, and to finance them to occupy areas in the country, especially the northern ones, and it has also directly intervened in Libya to support The ranks of the “government of reconciliation” militants against the “Libyan National Army” by sending Syrian militants there to fight within the “reconciliation” forces, while the Libyan scenario was repeated a few months ago during the battles of the “Nagorny Karabakh” region in terms of Ankara sending large batches of loyal militants Her to the region, to support the Azerbaijani forces in their confrontations with the Armenian army.

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