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The Duran has frequently questioned Donald Trump’s appointments, suggesting that his biggest problem might in fact be HR.  Sylvain Laforest takes the rather different and quite interesting view that Trump knows full well the consequences of his appointments, and has made them for calculated effect, effect which has achieved his intended result.  Laforest points out for instance that Trump is the ONLY president ever to question establishment narratives encapsulated in his term ‘fake news’ – the effect of which is that for the first time a huge segment of the American public openly rejects the establishment claim that America invades other countries out of altruistic motives.  ‘We took Syria’s oil’, Trump nakedly asserts – not because he thinks its just but in order to expose the real aims of US imperialism.   As well the actual effect of Trump’s sanctions regime has been to free countries from the SWIFT banking clearance monopoly seriously eroding one of the main weapons of Globalist power.   Perhaps this interesting interpretation of Trump might make for an interesting topic of discussion for the Duran.

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November 21, 2019

God, I SO want to believe it. There really is no other hope going forward. I started to see the drift when I read the 2016 Der Spiegal interview with Michael Flynn. I had NEVER heard an active US political figure speak the truth like that before. When the Deep State targeted Flynn IMMEDIATELY after Trump became POTIS, that confirmed it. If he can survive (literally) through to 2020, I believe that’s when he will start to act with real conviction on his plans, and THAT will change the world as we know it.

Reply to  oldandjaded
April 5, 2020


Indictment Against Head of Burisma Reveals 'Hunter Biden Was Receiving Payments From Money Raised Through CRIMINAL MEANS, Siphoned, Laundered From Ukraine'

UPDATE — Head of Burisma Holdings Linked to Hunter Biden Is Indicted in Ukraine – THEN GOES MISSING