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A real election update. Trump is NOT giving up. [Video]

The mere fact that President Trump refuses to concede shows he knows big things are at stake.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

The Epoch Times is doing an excellent job at reporting the progress that the Trump team is making with regards to the election. Steve Turley is the other really solid source of information these days, but this video is from a really neat segment named “Facts Matter with Roman Balmakov” which is highly recommended for clear and specific explanation of what is going on.

With the President announcing that he refuses to concede over the weekend, there is every indication that he and his team believe they have a shot at this, and they are not giving up until there is no chance at all.

This is extremely important. Many people, even some Trump supporters, have probably gotten exhausted by the propaganda measures taken by such a broad front of media outlets. The elimination of a trustworthy “mass media outlet” has created a lot of dismay and confusion. I speak from experience, because I use those mass media outlets to disseminate my “fringe” information. Now, that is no longer a reliable means.

However the very fact that the President is not giving in is a strong sign that the fraud is legitimate. One could speculate that President Trump knows that this situation is hopeless, that he just wants to show his supporters he listens to them, but I rather doubt this. If it were so, I think the President would have conceded already, if there were no path to victory. But the rightness of this cause – a fair and just election is a very right and just cause, indeed – must be pursued, or the next elections will be compromised much more greatly. In fact, with the US literally teetering on the edge of the precipice below which lies the darkness of the “Great Reset”, the fate of 320 million Americans, whether liberal or conservative, is literally up for grabs. And, as goes the United States, so goes much of the world.

The President knows this; his supporters all know this, and I suspect the Democrats know it as well in their own twisted way: For many Democrat ideologues, Trump stands in the way of a new order that will market itself as socialist but really be an inversion of society, basically, a free-for-all of revenge for all those nursed and coddled for so many years on the poison of grievance politics. This will be their hour if Biden takes the reins. Even if Trump prevails, the country is sure to be wracked with unbelievable violence as these people explode in rage over their perception of being cheated out of a victory.

It is not a good situation, but the notion of giving the Left what it wants will not stop the revenge rioting and mayhem; it will only alter its character, and that, not for long. Biden has no authority with Americans. They will not listen to his leadership because he has no leadership to call on. I honestly do not mean that in a simple partisan attack because I don’t want him to be President; I write it because it is true. The man has never led or run anything, and being Vice President is not sufficient to instill leadership into anyone. They need to show that ability well beforehand. All Mr. Biden has ever been is a fixture of the Senate, a nice politician and glad handler, but hardly a leader. As President Trump would say, “everybody knows this, too… even the Democrats know this.”

A LOT is riding on the outcome of this election challenge, and no mistake.

Dr. Steve Turley talks a great deal about the current social shift in the United States from a “mass media society” to a “network society” in terms of the dissemination of news and information. The Internet, by and large is still extremely free; it is merely the case that the biggest platforms commonly used are not free anymore. The task then becomes interesting as we gradually find out who is doing a competent job reporting news and who is not.

The YouTube channel “Finance Hub” is such an example. Its reporting staff can be quite good, and report bits and pieces of real information. However, a criticism I have of their service at this time is that they are too given to sensational headlines like “New revelation spells election victory for Trump”, and it turns out that it is just a rumor, or a piece of speculation. This is not helpful for us. We need solid information, data, specific and quantifiable. Sensationalism will not bring us through the crisis, but in this matter more than most, a solid grip on, and understanding of, reality, will give us the best chance because it provides the most concrete arguments that can be delivered to a group of people who would really very much rather not deal with this problem. The video below gives a good bit of truth near its end. Watch the whole thing – it is worth it.

With that in mind, this video clip included is excellent, and indeed comprises a lot of good information in a relatively short fourteen minutes. It is a must-see if you are interested in knowing facts and details about how President Trump and his team are playing the election challenge out.

Mr. Balmakov is thorough, not only giving very substantive and specific updates about the Trump efforts to win the election challenges but also giving a chronicle of the censoring actions that Instagram and other social media sites are putting into affect against whatever information the oligarchs “deem” unfit for the sheeple they feel so responsible for…

…or rather, wish to control.

As Big Tech has more or less moved to clamp down on any thought that goes off the plantation, I have begun to migrate my own newspieces off of the usual Facebook / YouTube distribution points. Truth be told, I still use them but now, my pieces may be found on the following platforms:


Twitter under my own personal feed “Seraphim Hanisch”

vKontakte, essentially Russian Facebook (but not owned by Facebook at all!) under the same username as on Twitter (I am not very original)

and most recently, a video hosting service analagous in look and feel to YouTube but with no censorship.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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