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A new technique for the Russian forces in Syria to hit the targets from a distance.

A Russian military source reported that the Russian forces in Syria have tested a new technique to target terrorist sites from a distance.

The source pointed out that the Russian Air Force has tested the new Russian “Strelts-M” technology, which relies on sending military drones to strike terrorist sites through long-distance communication technology, adding that the tests were recently conducted and drones were used with the help of the “Strelts-M” technical system, which sends coordinates, as the information is directly between the aircraft, the headquarters, and the control center.

The source stated that the “Strelts-M” system helps ground scouts to detect the target and display it to the headquarters by an electronic map, in addition to giving accurate coordinates, indicating that the operations were carried out by sending the exact coordinates to the headquarters of the command and control so that the experts then execute the strikes by radio communication with drones.

The Russian source pointed out, during his speech, that in the future the “Strelts-M” system could be under direct control by the fighting ground forces on the ground, to hit targets directly, when a sufficient level of aircraft automation is achieved.

It’s noteworthy that the “Strelets-M” system was developed in 2019, and it’s the last update introduced to the Russian reconnaissance teams, as it was found to be able to accurately determine the coordinates and targets discovered, in addition to preparing data for the most effective weapons in use.

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