A deputy director of the CIA actually admits on TV that the Bush Administration lied about Iraq WMDs [Video]

Via Redacted Tonight…

Anybody with half a brain already knew that, but to hear an insider say it to Chris Matthews is wild city! Lee Camp delves into why the mainstream media is only a mere 11 years behind on this story.

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June 8, 2015

First take away is the former Intel guy is very fearful in his voice and body language of either Cheney , the hidden gov. or someone … A simple search will bring up the corporations who made BILLIONS from the attack . I knew while it happened , Bush – Bremmer rewrote IRAQ banking laws allowing 100 % Foreign Ownership when Saddam , rightly limited it to 30 % . Com on , this isn’t Rocket Science and Chris Mathews knows what’s going on he’s just a gatekeeper who plays left v. right to distract the sheep from the real… Read more »

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