It pays to be a US politician. Check out the list of Washington’s most expensive speakers

No wonder winning a US election, or being appointed into government is so sought after. The pay off is not only big while you’re in office, but afterwards the real money starts rolling in.

With the exception of the number one spot, all other positions are held by politicians or US policy makers in one form or another…except for Chelsea Clinton who simply won the lottery by being born into US royalty. Why anyone would pay her so much to speak, or for that matter waster their time to listen to her speak is beyond me.

Via Zerohedge…

Recently, we’ve taken a look at some of the details surrounding speeches made by Bill and Hillary Clinton. As discussed in April, Goldman Sachs paid Bill Clinton nearly a quarter of a million dollars for a speaking engagement before lobbying Hillary’s State Department in an effort to secure $75 million in financing for a Chinese company that would later purchase aircraft from a Goldman-owned manufacturer.

Separately, we outlined Hillary Clinton’s keynote speech requirements which include the customary $225,000 plus a “chartered roundtrip private jet”, $1,000 for a stenographer, and a host of other “incidentals.”

But the Clintons actually come cheap compared to a certain former Fed chair. Here’s a look at speaking engagement rates for some well-known former and current US officials (and one real estate magnate whose relevance to this list isn’t immediately discernable):




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