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6 BIG LEAGUE Trump U-turns in less than 100 days in office

In less than 100 days in office, Donald Trump has done monumental u-turns on some of his flagship policies. There are few explanations for this other than the fact he’s succumbed to a combination of deep state pressure and his daughter’s ill-placed tears.

Here are some of the most shocking u-turns. 

1. Syria 

In 2013 Donald Trump said this

But now….

2. NATO 

As recently as January of this year, Donald Trump insisted that NATO was obsolete because member states are not paying their fair share of the cost and because it is ill-equipped to fight terrorism.

Now though he says that NATO is NO LONGER obsolete. The only thing however that has changed is Trump’s opinion.

3. Julian Assange 

During the long US Presidential campaign, many felt that Donald Trump was something of a secret Assange supporter. He quoted the intelligence that Wikileaks unearthed in his battle with ‘Crooked’ Hillary Clinton on numerous occasions.

Now though, Trump appointed CIA director Mike Pompeo has blasted Julian Assange an enemy of America, even going so far as to imply that Assange would have supported Germany in the Second World War.

It doesn’t look like any Presidential pardons will be on offer for the Wikileaks founder.

4. Russia 

Reconciliation with Russia after eight disastrous years of Barack Obama was one of the main foreign policy linchpins of the Trump campaign.

Now though, President Putin has said that Trump has made relations worse than under Obama, Hillary and Kerry.

5. Get Out of The Middle East 

Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump said that the US had been a destabilising force in the Middle East.

Now though his policies have actively destabilised the Middle East….but at least he’s made some new fans

6. China

Time and again, Donald Trump said that China was a currency manipulator

But now Trump has told the Wall Street Journal that China is not a currency manipulator.

6. Steve Bannon 

Steve Bannon was an integral part of Donald Trump’s victory and once formed an integral part of Donald Trump’s team.

Just two months ago Bannon spoke with optimism about the future of a conservative, some would say ‘alt-right’ White House.

But just one day prior to America’s attack on Syria, Bannon was fired from his position observing National Security Council meetings.

Since then, little has been heard or seen of Bannon, although Breitbart which he used to run, has recently published some  pieces critical of Trump.

Now Trump is apparently downplaying Bannon’s role.

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