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50 New Infections Every Hour In Iran, One Death Per 10 Minutes: Health Ministry

“In Iran, every ten minutes one person dies from the coronavirus, 50 get infected.”

Despite that between Tuesday and Wednesday of this week Iran witnessed its biggest ever single-day spike in Covid-19 cases, authorities are still struggling to get everyone to observe quarantine and self-isolation measures, especially after throngs of hardline Shia demonstrators have gathered to protest the closure of two of the country’s holiest shrines in the city of Qom.

Toward this end, Iran’s Health Ministry spokesman Kianush Jahanpur made an astounding statement to put things in perspective, saying the current soaring numbers show that

“In Iran, every ten minutes one person dies from the coronavirus, 50 get infected.” 

He added in the Twitter statement “And every 10 minutes one person dies.”

He further urged citizens to think about this extreme risk every time they break national directives and go out to visit people or travel to other cities.

This as on Thursday the national number of cases climbed to 18,407 — a jump of 1,046 cases from the day prior.

The death toll in Iran from the coronavirus outbreak has risen to 1,284, state media reported on Thursday, among those 149 people dying of the virus in the last 24 hours, with 1,046 new cases emerging.

Earlier this week another top health official issued an ‘extreme scenario’ warning in order to urge citizens to stay home, saying he expects “millions” of Iranians to die of the disease.

Among other drastic measures the country has implemented, Tehran says it’s now temporarily sent some 85,000 prisoners home to ensure the pandemic doesn’t rip through the nation’s overcrowded prisons and jails.

Some countries in the West, including cities across the United States, are actually considering the temporary release of non-violent offenders from local jails for the sake of preventing the spread.

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Olivia Kroth
March 20, 2020

I feel very sorry for the Iranians, they are such great people. I wish speedy recovery to all of them who are sick!

Black Picard
Reply to  Olivia Kroth
March 21, 2020

Does any1 know if the Iranians know about colloidal silver or have access to it? Some of my dearest friends in Canada are Iranians whom I met in high school & university. They are the perfect Middle Eastern model Canadian citizen: Educated, cultured, very law abiding, hard working & enterprising. I’d replace the “I” in BRICS with Iran. Once again, it’s the liberty-luvin democratic terror in the West that permits these ongoing & monumental injustices against Iran. Look at it this way……Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba, DRC, Somalia et al are daily reminders that We… Read more »

March 20, 2020

Scum like Trump and Pompeo are doing their level best to destroy the health systems of Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, DPRK. Iran tried to put out an app with basic advice about the virus. It was banned by Google because of sanctions. I hope it spreads uncontrollably in America and millions of the Exceptional And Indispensable People are infected. This would be very richly deserved. Americans don’t realise how much they are hated, loathed and despised by the rest of the world. But they soon will. F*** the Americans. They can all burn in hell.

March 20, 2020

The thing is, rates of infection / mortality tend to follow a normal rather than exponential curve when plotted over time. In the 19th century Dr William Farr used this fact to predict smallpox mortality rates would drop off rapidly which is more or less what happened in the 1837 -1839 epidemic. The same rapid drop off can be seen right now in China, which is reporting no new native cases. The problem with Cornonavirus was with the initial reports mistakenly claiming mortality rates were increasing exponentially because infection rates were very much under reported.

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