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5 tweets which reveal Donald Trump’s attitude towards Russia and his actual priorities

With people questioning if Donald Trump may be changing his previously conciliatory tones toward Russia, here are five Tweets that reveal his true feelings and political priorities.

  1. His views on Russia are consistent

Trump has continually said in interviews, speeches and Tweets that he wants good relations with Russia. Recently when Bill O’Reilly of Fox news called President Putin a killer, Trump said that America has plenty of killers, citing the Iraq war as one such example of US killing.

Trump’s personal views on Russia seem to remain unchanged. This is a good thing, though it may not be enough.

  1. His ‘alternative facts’ on Russia are generally used to expose MSM hypocrisy and call out the Democrats, rather than make significant pronouncements on Russia.

Trump has rarely if ever said something negative about Russia, but his occasional statements which falsify the realities of Russian history or political affairs are generally directed towards incompetent figures in America. This is quite different than remarks from the Hillary Clintons and John McCain’s of this world who are unambiguous in their anti-Russian propaganda.

A recent tweet where Trump repeats the insult about Russia ‘taking Crimea’ rather than helping Crimea to return home, is one such example. But when taken at face value, the tweet is used to both expose what Trump felt was Obama’s personal weakness and excoriate the mainstream media for giving Obama a pass where Trump gets none.

  1. Trump sees Russophobes as conspiracy theorists

Time and time again, Trump has called the anti-Russian brigades of Washington and the msm ‘insane’, ‘conspiracy theorists’ and number of other straightforward insults. The businessman in Trump, clearly sees it as a crass attempt to delegitimise his successful campaign, his supporters, and his current administration. He does not buy the ‘Putin did it’ lie and he sees it as something quite amateurish at that.

  1. He has other international priorities.

Donald Trump’s favourite international target both as a candidate and now as President was and is Iran. His statements on Iran are often wildly exaggerated or simply incorrect. There is no love lost between Trump, many surrounding him (including Flynn) and Tehran.

By contrast, no such rhetoric is offered against Russia as it was under Obama.

  1. His priorities are domestic

Whether complaining about unfair treatment by the msm, defending his family against guttural attacks, going after Obamacare or talking about immigration, Trump’s version of America first, like its historical antecedent from the 1940s is all about America doing less abroad and more at home.

While others scream and shout about helping the fascist regime in Kiev or arming Eastern European states, Trump is far more concerned with matters close to him. Sometimes it is as though he sees foreign policy as an inconvenience.

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