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5 stories mainstream media has ignored this week

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

Fake news is many things. It can be lies, half-truths, deceptions and perhaps most sinister of all, stylised deceptions.

But what many do not pay close attention to is fake news by omission. When there are important global stories that are being ignored or supressed, this is as bad or worse than the more traditional style of fake news.

With this in mind, here are five stories that the mainstream media has ignored in recent days.

1. The Meaning of Mosul 

The Battle of Mosul, when reported in the msm, is done so with a combination of half-truths and glaring omissions. During the joint Syrian and Russian liberation of Aleppo from occupation by Al-Qaeda and other jihadist terrorists, the western media as well as the Obama government, constantly spoke of atrocities being committed by the liberators.

Much of what was said were outright lies. The perennial headline of ‘Russia bombs last hospital in Aleppo’ was particularly egregious as Vanessa Beeley has bravely exposed.

In reality, the Battle of Aleppo was a painstaking and at times slow operation because the liberators relied on intelligence about specific terrorist whereabouts and movements in order to avoid mass civilian casualties.

By contrast, in Mosul the American air force has ‘knocked the hell’ out of not only ISIS, but is currently destroying the entire city. In just 24 hours of bombings, more people were killed in Mosul than during the entire Battle of Aleppo and this includes the civilians beheaded by jihadists, blown up by jihadists and the women who died due to rape related trauma at the hands of jihadists.

It seems that where the western msm was happy to lie about the extent of civilian losses in Aleppo, they are equally happy to ignore the actual civilian plight in Mosul.

Why might this be? It doesn’t fit the narrative. The total inversion of reality is frankly, appalling.

2. Paris Riots 

After French police killed a Chinese man in an incident that was considered totally disproportional to the noise complaint for which police were called, riots broke out. 35 people have been arrested. China has summoned the French ambassador over the killing of one of its citizens. The would-be local difficulty has now become an international incident.

This is yet another riot in what has been a season of riots for France. One of the most notable was when a black man was anally assaulted with a police weapon.

The social, racial and economic tensions which often lead to riots in one of Europe’s most important states, is often glossed over by the wider western media who prefer to focus on comparatively insignificant protests in Moscow, protests which are totally misunderstood and mis-characterised in the west.

This is yet another example of the narrative rather than events shaping msm reportage.

3. Youtube’s War on Free Speech 

If news and views mater, so to does the freedom of the medium through which news is conveyed. A scandalous story about big corporate sponsors bamboozling Google owned Youtube to restrict access and pull adverts from popular alternative Youtube stars, demonstrates how after losing the information war in the open marketplace, the globalist corporations and their media allies are resorting to draconian censorship measures.

This ought to be a big story as Youtube is where many people and indeed most young people get their video based news and analysis content. The msm have a clear personal bias in hiding this developing story.

4. Russiagate Is Going Nowhere

The entire thing is a lie. There is no need to waste time in trying to over-complicate this simple fact. The allegations continue to grow more ludicrous, but the reality remains the same. There is no evidence, hardly a consistent alleged motive and what’s more is that with the US more anti-Russian than at any time since the zenith of the Cold War, it is fair to say that even if Russia tried to influence US politics, it failed and failed big league.

This story is a total distraction from actual events both globally and in Washington.

5. A Tale of Two Foreign Ministers 

US Secretary of State has been widely reported to be planing a visit to Moscow in place of attended a NATO summit. By contrast Britain’s Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has postponed his visit to Moscow in order to join with his NATO colleagues.

The schism of priorities between two nominally two like-minded countries is telling. With rumour and innuendo surrounding the relationship between Trump’s America and Moscow leading nowhere, Tillerson’s Moscow visit could give us a more detailed idea of what is to come than any developments thus far.

By contrast, for Britain it is business as usual, Russophobia as normal.

The notion of ‘trouble in paradise’ has never been popular in the msm.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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