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The death of YouTube? (VIDEO)

YouTube was once the democratic platform where anyone with a functional smart phone could do what used to require professional television producers many tens of thousands of dollars at the bear minimum in order to produce. Now a combination of the media-industrial complex and the US/EU corporate lobby are trying to change this.

YouTube appears to be set on either restricting or banning videos that their advertisers deem as ‘extremist’. The problem as, Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars explains, is that their definition of extremist is not actually extremist by any normal, sane, objective standard.

Indeed, if conservatives and video game enthusiasts are ‘exterminates’ it means that no one is safe.

But I have a solution. China and/or Russia ought to create a video platform similar to Youtube. This platform would have to be free from the reach of the tentacles of the western corporate police state.  By courting a combination of sponsors from the other side of the multi-polar world (the non-west) in addition to small and medium sized  businesses from the west, the platform could easily become viable in short order.

Russia is increasingly becoming the political free speech capital of the world. On a daily basis, people appear on Russian tv and Russian based websites offering a wide range of opinions on geo-politics from Eurasianists to pro-westerners, often westerns themselves appear on such outlets.

Social issues from religion, to the public displays of unorthodox lifestyles, education, children’s welfare and the arts are discussed freely and openly. Crucially, no one is made to feel a pariah for expressing heterodox views. Free speech is countered in Russia with equal and opposite free speech and that is how it ought to be.

Even China is becoming more open in this sense, just as the west moves in entirely the opposite direction.

Combining Russia’s free speech culture with the tech culture of both Russia and China could be a big step for global free speech.

If anyone in the west complains that those using this would-be platform are Russian or Chinese agents, they only need say, ‘we were happy to keep using good old American Youtube until the thought police shut us down’. It’s not Russia or China’s fault that many in the west increasingly see Orwell’s 1984 as a handbook rather than an admonition.

Now watch Adam Garrie talk about censorship and only privacy: 

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