20 American states join lawsuit to end ObamaCare for good [VIDEO]

Liberal “one size fits all” plan was shoehorned into existence by individual mandate; now with mandate gone, whole law is easily seen as unconstitutional

Fox News reported on Tuesday, 27 February that some twenty states have joined a lawsuit to end the tyranny of liberalized, socialized healthcare, dubbed Obamacare, that was passed into law in 2010 by the Obama Administration.

The Attorneys General of the states of Texas and Wisconsin and 18 other states are filing suit, claiming now that people are no longer faced with a fine for not holding healthcare insurance, the whole Affordable Health Care act is rendered fully unconstitutional.

As many will remember this law’s validity was upheld by the US Supreme Court on the basis that the ‘individual mandate’ possessed validity if it were considered as a tax, which of course flew in the face of President Obama’s own campaigning for the law, and his insistence that it was not a new tax. However, for him the redefinition was not important, and his law was.

In the years since the ill-named Affordable Care Act became law, it became most evident that this was anything but affordable. Both premiums and deductibles increased sharply, and the looming tax penalty on anyone earning enough to have to participate in the system – all these factors were squeezing money out of many American households, and killing businesses. From a moral and religious point of view, the forced acceptance of payment for contraceptive and abortifacient means (later hidden as “free” services) was a source of great consternation and even lawsuits by Christian companies and by religious organizations.

At the end of 2017, President Trump’s tax overhaul plan passed through Congress and was signed into law. In this bill was a provision to cancel the federal penalty for not buying insurance – rendering the Individual mandate no longer a mandate. This takes effect in 2019, but the presence of this alteration strips the central “guts” out of Obamacare.

In addition to the lawsuit, some states are taking measures to get rid of the federal government’s overreach at their more local level. Leading this charge is the state of Idaho, whose Governor, Butch Otter and Lieutenant Governor Brad Little, have co-signed an executive order asking their states Department of Insurance to seek ways to make health coverage less costly. They believe that their own internal plans can lower costs by between 30 and 50 percent, as contrasted with the ACA.

Lt. Gov. Brad Little qualified his states move simply:

We lost 70,000 who dropped their health insurance because there was a 100 percent increase in premium [costs] over the last two to three years.”

Idaho’s moves are catching the attention of other states as well, as many states seek to unburden their citizens from the requirements of the overbearing example of bad socialism that is the ACA.

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