How convenient. ISIS / ISIL claim responsibility for gunman attack at a Texas Prophet Muhammad cartoon exhibition [Video]

It was only a matter of time before Washington and the CIA would somehow engineer a way to bring the ISIS terrorist juggernaut threat to the heartland of America.

The latest perfectly choreographed ISIS attack, taking place at a Texas Prophet Muhammad cartoon exhibition, will most certainly mean a nice ramp up in military spending (and MIC profits), coupled with more bombings of Syria…which in American foreign policy fairytale spinning, claims to be the one region where ISIS needs to be eradicated.

Coincidently, Syrian President Assad is the last obstacle standing in the way of a US-Saudi-Qatari gas and energy pipeline to Europe…which would place all of the European Union firmly under US / Wahhabism control.

But for now let’s all focus on this ISIS thing.

Sputnik News Agency Reports…

Terrorists reportedly praised the attack at a Prophet Muhammad cartoons exhibition in Texas and took responsibility for it.

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the shootout at a Prophet Muhammad cartoons exhibition in Garland, Agence France Press reported.

Two gunmen opened fire at a parking lot near the Curtis Culwell Center in Texas on Sunday evening, wounding a security guard in the leg.

Police responded within seconds and killed the both shooters.

The identities of the gunmen have not been revealed, but ISIL militants reportedly praised the attack and took responsibility for it online.

Nearly 200 people were present at the event when the attackers opened fire. They were evacuated. Police began searching for explosives that could be placed near the scene.


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May 4, 2015

Yet another false flag…..getting old. ISIL did NOT do this. What a sad joke that they still expect people to believe their bullshit.

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