12 countries Americans consider their “greatest enemies”

Who should have made the list?

This chart shows the percentage of American adults considering these countries an enemy of America.

Russia comes in at number 6 with 22%.

From The Duran

Seven countries (Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Pakistan, and Yemen) all made the list, and are all undergoing some sort of an American (direct or indirect) military bombing, invasion, regime change or drone attack.


  1. North Korea – 57%
  2. Iran – 41%
  3. Syria – 32%
  4. Iraq – 29%
  5. Afghanistan – 23%
  6. Russia – 22%
  7. Libya – 20%
  8. Somalia – 20%
  9. Pakistan – 19%
  10. Palestine – 18%
  11. Saudi Arabia – 16%
  12. Yemen – 14%

More statistics at Statista.

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