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12 countries Americans consider their “greatest enemies”

12 countries Americans consider their “greatest enemies”

Needed more evidence as to why Hillary Clinton’s “Russia is out to get me” campaign strategy failed so miserably. Take a look at the chart below.

Hillary Clinton, the Democrat Party, and mainstream media would probably be better served whining about “North Korean aggression” and “North Korean election hacking.” Maybe then the American public will start believing their lies.

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Number one on this list of countries Americans consider their greatest enemies should have been The United States of America.

Seven countries (Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Pakistan, and Yemen) all made the list, and are all undergoing some sort of an American (direct or indirect) military bombing, invasion, regime change or drone attack.

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  1. North Korea – 57%
  2. Iran – 41%
  3. Syria – 32%
  4. Iraq – 29%
  5. Afghanistan – 23%
  6. Russia – 22%
  7. Libya – 20%
  8. Somalia – 20%
  9. Pakistan – 19%
  10. Palestine – 18%
  11. Saudi Arabia – 16%
  12. Yemen – 14%

More statistics at Statista.

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