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MUST WATCH: Syria’s Assad absolutely RIPS western chemical attack charges (VIDEO)

MUST WATCH: Syria’s Assad absolutely RIPS western chemical attack charges (VIDEO)

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has not spoken to the western press since the alleged chemical attack in Douma and subsequent western bombing of his country.

However, the uncanny similarity of Douma with the incident in the town of Khan Sheikhoun in April 2017 makes it worth revisiting what he had to say one year ago, when asked if he ordered an inhuman attack on civilians.

Step-by-step, the trained physician (described by his former ophthalmology instructor as “a sensitive man who was incredibly polite and punctual”) analyzed, diagnosed and dismantled the charges against him using pure logic and common sense.

The most astounding, and by far most morally disgusting thing about the alleged attack in Douma, Syria, earlier this month is how it is a virtual carbon copy of the incident that occurred almost exactly one year prior, in the town of Khan Sheikhoun.

That supposed attack also led to a rapid military response from newbie President Donald Trump. It also occurred mere days after then Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced that deposing President Bashar al-Assad was no longer the main US goal in Syria.

Immediately after Khan Sheikhon, Trump and Tillerson reverted to insisting that “Assad must go.”

Like Douma, Khan Sheikhoun supposedly involved Assad’s government deploying Sarin gas against civilians for no apparent reason, while the Syrian army was winning on the battlefield, and right after the Trump administration announced a change in policy that dramatically benefited Assad.

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(The Douma claims also allege Assad used chlorine gas, an absurd charge if sarin was available, since sarin is 543 times more lethal than chlorine and chlorine gas use was quickly abandoned in WWI as inefffective.)

Douma happened right after Trump called for pulling the 2,000 US troops currently there, out of Syria. Like Khan Sheikhoun a year earlier, the “chemical attack” forced Trump to immediately reverse course.

It is indeed a shame that Donald Trump’s rhetoric during his campaign about backing away from America’s interventionist policies has fallen flat in the face of obviously staged false flag attacks and solid opposition by the Deep State.

But whether Trump actually believes the Pentagon and US intel community or not, most of the world is not buying it.

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