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Second Stage of Russia-China Joint Sea Drills to Be Held September – Russian Pacific Fleet

VLADIVOSTOK, (Sputnik) – The Russian and Chinese navies agreed to hold the second stage of the Joint Sea-2017 military exercises in September in Vladivostok, spokesman for the Russian Eastern Military District’s Pacific Fleet Capt. 2nd Rank Vladimir Matveyev said Wednesday.

“The Russian and Chinese sides agreed to hold the drills in the period from September 18-26, 2017, as stated in the protocol of the conference,” Matveyev said.

Earlier in the day, a conference devoted to the preparation for the second stage of the Joint Sea-2017 military drills was held in Vladivostok in Russia’s Far East. Within the conference, the Russian and Chinese sides discussed the composition of forces, supplies of ships and the districts where the drills will be held.

The first stage of the Russian-Chinese Joint Sea-2017 military drills was held on July 21-28 in the Baltic Sea. The drills are aimed at practicing interaction between the Russian and Chinese fleets in countering naval threats, coherence of actions of the crew and enhancing cooperation between the Russian and Chinese naval troops, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

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