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Russian FM Lavrov explains how Obama’s campaign of Russophobia still plagues US politics (VIDEO)

The Russian Foreign Minister explained that Russia is a convenient excuse for US politicians who cannot come to terms with their own political failures.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has given a short but meaningful statement on how and why US politicians turn to Russophobia in an attempt to shelter themselves from criticism and avoid taking responsibility for their failures.

Lavrov said,

“Sadly, the campaign of Russophobia started by Barack Obama’s administration still lingers in the US”.

He continued,

“It’s clear that it’s still there today, first of all, in order to try and use that Russophobic card in the domestic political struggle in the US, including by those who failed to accept the results of the election that took place in full accordance with the US Constitution”.

The Foreign Minister called for the re-building of Russia/US relations based on ‘mutual respect’ and ‘balance’.

Now watch Sergey Lavrov’s speech where he explains just why the US has become so Russophobic in recent years

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