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5 reasons Bashar al-Assad will stay as Syria’s president

–The Syrian People Want Him

Prior to the conflict which ignited in 2011 when foreign players started to destabilize Syria with armed terrorist groups, Syria was a peaceful, secular, tolerant, prosperous, largely self-sufficient state. In areas controlled by the legitimate government, this is still entirely the case.

People had lifestyles similar to that of any European or Middle-Eastern Mediterranean country and this is what the overwhelming majority of Syrians still want as they always have. An educated, tolerant, multi-faith sophisticated society is not about to be dragged into the Wahhabist dark ages without a fight.

The Syrian people are grateful for their President for fighting for the modern, secular, pluralistic society that is modern Syria. They support him for this and other reasons.

–He Is Winning The War Against Terrorism.

When Basar al-Assad came to power, the consensus was that he’d never be as strong as his father who weathered the turbulent 1960s to become President during the ‘corrective movement’ of 1970. Bashar al-Assad has not only put such myths to rest, he has outlived many other more ‘hard line’ secular Arab leaders, namely Gaddafi and Saddam.

His victory over terrorism in places like Aleppo has elevated President Assad from a normal peacetime leader into a steadfast war hero. Against all the odds, he is winning and looks like he will continue to do so until the conflict is over.

–He Has Formed A Formidable Alliance

With Russia planning a long-term, legally legitimate presence in Syria, it is very unlikely that there will be further political upheavals once the war against terrorist forces has won. Russia’s status as a born-again superpower is now indisputable and Syria is Russia’s most important Middle Eastern ally.

President Assad has also built upon long-term alliances with Iran and Hezbollah who will likely resist military resist any attempts to pursue regime change in Syria.

–The ‘Assad Must Go’ Brigade Have Gone Themselves

From David Cameron to Matteo Renzi, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and Barack Obama, the politicians whose flagship Syria policy was ousting Assad have gone, ousted by their own populations in democratic processes. French President Hollande will soon be gone, Merkel may also soon be gone.

The new leaders of the countries whose former leaders wanted Assad to go have largely given up on regime change. Even Turkey whose leadership remains strong to the point of being tyrannical has publically stated that they have given up on removing the legitimate President of Syria.

–Donald Trump Has Other Priorities

Since becoming President of the US, Trump has not said anything about President Assad, least of all that he must go. Trump’s stated mission to try and have good relations with Russia is a priority over overthrowing Russia’s key Arab ally. Furthermore, when it comes to confrontation, the Trump administration is increasingly saying that ‘The Islamic Republic of Iran’ must go.

Preciously little is being said on Syria and virtually nothing that is being said is significant in any way.

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