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Viktor Yanukovich is a traitor, but not for the reasons the fascists think

Russian President Vladimir Putin (right) listens to Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in the Grand Kremlin Palace in Moscow, Russia, on Tuesday.

Prosecutors working for the Kiev regime are asking for a sentence of life imprisonment for the illegally ousted, former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich.

Yanukovich was ousted in an illegal coup on the 22nd of February, one day after he signed a deal with the would-be coup leaders which gave them much of what they demanded.

However, this was not enough to satisfy them and Yanukovich fled the country, eventually going to Russia.

In an extremely rare event, I agree with the Ukrainian coup leaders, Yanukovich is a traitor, but for entirely different reasons than the coup leaders suggest.

Viktor Yanukovich was the legal, legitimate and internationally recognised President of Ukraine at the time of his deposing.

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As the head of state, he had every legal and indeed moral right to call his allies and ask for support against a dangerous, armed civil insurrection. Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad has done this. He has asked Russia and Iran for assistance in fighting terrorism and both countries obliged.

Yanukovich could have asked Russia, Belarus or other allies for the same assistance that President Assad sought when it became clear that Syrian forces could not do the job alone. Instead, Yanukovich ran away in the night when he could have easily left Kiev but remained in Ukraine and as President, stood up for the laws he had sworn to defend.

Yanukovich claims he had no choice but to run for his life, but did Gaddafi run for his life? Did Saddam Hussein? Has Barhar al-Assad?

These men did not, they remained in their country, in the case of Gaddafi, he fought till the last drop of his blood.

Viktor Yanukovich by contrast took the cowards way out, this does make him a traitor. He was derelict in his duty during his country’s most pressing hour of need. But this is not to say that the coup leaders are fit to judge him. They are far worse than traitors, they are war criminals.

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