Shattering 5 misconceptions about Russia

When the west gets Russia wrong, the west gets Russia VERY wrong

1. There is No Free Speech 

At a political level, Russia is a free speech paradise where political correctness just isn’t really a thing. But don’t worry, Russia has snowflakes too, plenty of them and they’re doing fine.

Just one example is Echo of Moscow, a liberal radio station whose editor in chief Alexei Venediktov is all over Russian media. Some call him nuts others just call him liberal, but no one is censoring him or anyone like him. He makes more money than many NPR presents in fact.

As for non-political free speech, Russia is much freer than the west. For example, one can call a man, a man and a woman, a woman without getting lectured on post-biological sensitivities. It’s quite refreshing.


2. Moscow Is A Cheap Wasteland 

Moscow has always been a hub of great music, art theatre and architecture. But western liberals often judge a city’s sophistication by how expensive a night out is.

Well, an elegant evening out in Moscow doesn’t come cheap. Moscow is in the same club as New York, London, Los Angeles, Paris and San Francisco. So liberals do not worry, you’re safe from ‘communist bargains’.


3. The Government Takes ALL your money 

Russia has a flat income tax rate of 13%. This is the kind of thing that Ron Paul and other western libertarians can only dream of. Russians at all levels of society keep the vast majority of their money. What a concept!

4. There is No Culture 

So said professional Russophobe Louise Mensch…..OK THEN….

Rus art



5. Russia Invades and Occupies Other Countries 

This is simply a lie. Russia has not invaded nor occupied anyone. By contrast, since 1998 alone, the US has invaded

–Iraq (twice)








For those who shout ‘CRIMEA’, the truth is that the regional Crimean authorities themselves organised a referendum calling for both independence from fascist Kiev and secondly to re-join Russia, IF Russia approved.

Because of the dangers that the fascist regime in Kiev posed to the Crimea people, Russia quickly approved the request of the Crimeans.

Here are just some of the disaster photos of what has happened in Crimea since reunification.

cri 1 crimea Cri 2 cri 34 cri4

By contrast this is what Libya looks like after American freedom and democracy


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Michael Skippy Jr.
Michael Skippy Jr.
May 11, 2017

Don’t forget Russia has brought forth some of the greatest writers of all time, My favorite of all is Ivan Turgenev, but literature is a part of Russian history that is so rich, and amazing.

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