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Russian Defence and Security Committee chairman debunks fake news story first exposed in The Duran

Viktor Ozerov, Chairman of the  Russian Federal Council Defence and Security Committee, has told Sputnik that there are no plans whatsoever for Russia to militarily engage with US forces in Syria.

Ozerov stated, 

“Russia is not going there to conduct armed actions with the US, our task there is to support the Syrian armed forces in the fight against terrorism”.

He also confirmed that the Russian frigate Admiral Grigorovich’s return to Syrian waters is unrelated to the US missile strike against Syria. He said of the war ship,

“You cannot deploy such a ship in one day. This rotation is planned, Admiral Grigorovich escorted Admiral Kuznetsov )aircraft carrier), and is now back.

Admiral Grigorovich is quite an effective ship, we have already attacked militants from its deck. Thus, this is not so much about the moral support for the Syrian armed forces in the fight against terrorists, as it is about fire cover”.

Yesterday, many mainstream and alt-media outlets ran a fake news story saying that a non-existent operations centre shared by Russia, Iran, Syria and according to some fake news reports, also Hezbollah, produced an Arabic language document saying that if the US crossed ‘red lines’ in Syria that the alliance would attack US forces.

The Duran was the first to debunk the story. 

Viktor Ozerov’s statement confirms that it was a totally false story from the beginning.

The Duran
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