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Russia expels 5 Moldovan diplomats after Moldova expelled 5 Russians

Russia will not stand for countries playing politics with diplomacy.

Days ago, Moldova expelled 5 Russian diplomats from the country in a move that remains unexplained.

The move incurred the fierce condemnation of Moldovan President Igor Dodon who described the move by his own Foreign Ministry in the following way,

“I want to say that I am deeply embarrassed by this unfriendly step (taken) by the Moldovan diplomatic service and (I) condemn it in the strongest possible terms”.

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Today, Russia retaliated by expelling three Moldovan diplomats working in Moscow.

According to a statement from the Russian Foreign Ministry,

“In response to the May 29th expulsion of five Russian diplomats from Chisinau, five employees of the Moldovan diplomatic mission in Moscow are declared persona non grata. They need to leave the territory of Russia within three days”.

The move by Moldova to expel Russian diplomats was done in suspiciously close timing to Ukraine sealing off the transport of key supplies to the territory of Transnistria, a self-governing entity sandwiched between northern Moldova and south-west Ukraine.

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