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How The Police Are Excusing The Murder Of George Floyd

WASHINGTON, USA - MAY 29: A person holds a banner reading "Justice for George Floyd", as crowds gather to protest after the death of George Floyd in Washington D.C. United States on May 29, 2020. Floyd, 46, a black man, was arrested Monday after reportedly attempting to use a counterfeit $20 bill at a local store. Video footage on Facebook showed him handcuffed and cooperating. But police claimed he resisted arrest. A white officer kneeled on his neck, despite Floydâs repeated pleas of "I can't breathe." Former police officer Derek Chauvin was charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter, according to Hennepin County Prosecutor Michael Freeman. Minneapolis, Minnesota Mayor Jacob Frey said Friday he imposed a mandatory curfew because of ongoing protests regarding the death of George Floyd. (Photo by Yasin Ozturk/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Whatever one thinks about how the far left worldwide has exploited this unnecessary death, there are real issues related to it. These are the behaviour of the American police in particular, thugs in uniform or plain clothes who shoot first and ask questions as an afterthought.

Although it can happen, innocent members of the public are very rarely shot by the police in the UK, and outright thuggery is related mostly but not entirely to public order incidents.

It is notable though that in accord with what David Rose called the police infallibility principle, they never admit to getting anything wrong. Following the worldwide George Floyd protests, Jersey Police issued a statement blaming his death on something called racism rather than the thuggery of one of their American cousins. Doubtless many police forces worldwide have done the same, certainly American ones have.

Interestingly, the Jersey Police statement links to the website of Stop Hate UK, an organisation committed to left wing brainwashing, censorship, and police state tactics.  Lest anyone be taken in by this flim-flam, here are a few video recommendations from YouTube. The first shows a young black man who was arrested for…resisting arrest. Video footage soon showed he was not the one in the wrong.

The second shows two motorists – a white woman then an Hispanic man – who were pulled over by traffic cops who were chancing their arm. If both parties had not activated their dash-cams, the outcomes would almost certainly have been very different. The third is a 22 minute video put out by The Real News Network last month that covers two practices that need to stop: unwarranted civil asset forfeiture and the execution of reckless no-knock warrants. Donald Trump has at last woken up to the fact that the American police often get it wrong. Now he and William Barr have a chance to do something about it.

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June 14, 2020

“Donald Trump has at last woken up to the fact that the American police often get it wrong. Now he and William Barr have a chance to do something about it.”
Yeah, right. It’ll just get swept under the rug, like it always does.

Panderiticians R US
Panderiticians R US
Reply to  BobValdez
June 15, 2020

Politicians and pandering go hand in hand. When the dust settles, it will indeed be all swept under the rug, but not ’till after November.

June 14, 2020

Hey dark moron, 99 plus percent of police in America are good cops. I just don’t understand why The Duran continues to let you post idiot propaganda on there site? I’ve read about half your articles in the past few months, never being able to finish one as your info is so tainted it’s disturbing. Your useless to this site imo.

June 15, 2020

375,000,000 interactions with the public every year and you pick out a handfull that turned bad, its really pathetic. The vast majority of the negative outcomes are simply because people didn’t listen to the police, click on some of the videos where people were shot and you will find few that didn’t show the officer yelling numerous times to not move. They don’t have the luxury of making sure there is a gun, by then it is to late.

Explanations from A to Z
Explanations from A to Z
Reply to  TheDarkMan
June 15, 2020

You’re both right. The majority of cops don’t engage in the misdeeds of the minority but they readily cover for the minority all too often, possibly in part because they’re afraid of the minority’s misdeads unjustly applied to all, much as is happening now. They make it a self-fulfilling prophesy by not holding the minority to account and you make their self-fulfilling prophesy a self-fulfilling prophesy by unjustly holding the majority to account for the deeds of the minority.
It’s a true conundrum.

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