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Francois Fillon is wrong: French elections must go ahead as planned

In the aftermath of yesterday’s terrorist killing of a French police officer, lacklustre French Presidential candidate Francois Fillon called for the postponement of the first round of elections, to be held on Sunday.

While yesterday’s events were tragic, unprovoked and had all the needlessly violent hallmarks of every attack for which ISIS claims responsibility, materially, the events have not totally shaken French society in either a logistical nor even emotional way.

France, especially in recent years, has experienced far larger terrorist attacks, including in Paris.

There is no practical need for the elections to be postponed. Fillon is simply trying to use a tragic terrorist incident in order to prolong a campaign that at the moment he is likely to ultimately lose.

Of course, there is the looming fear that between now and Sunday, terrorist groups may continue to plot additional attacks, but yesterday’s tragic events did not change this one way or another. It has been widely known and widely discussed that the French Presidential elections would be a target in one form or another, for terrorists.

Fillon ought to trust the French security services to prepare for this, rather than try to delay an election for personal gain, under the guise for respect for the dead in a terrorist atrocity, albeit a statistically small one compared to other recent events.

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