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The 10 Commandments of the deep state

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Many have observed the phenomenon that converts to any cause, faith or way of life, often practice it with more zeal than those born into a situation, faith or lifestyle.

Take for example the danger of those who convert to Wahhabism vis-a-vis those born into a restrictive system who often relax their strict habits over time.

Consider also those who ‘convert’ to capitalism. Many in the late Soviet Union grew sceptical about their form of government and were led to believe that if they embraced capitalism in its most extreme form, they would soon live like people in the west where the streets were paved in gold and every man drove a Mercedes-Benz.

Then, many Russians saw that western cities were filled with crime, unemployment and moral depravity; not all that glittered was gold.

Likewise, many people who live comfortable and even luxurious lifestyles in capitalist countries become obsessed with Marxism.

They join Communist parties and shout angry slogans believing that Communism is the answer to all of life’s problems. Then they realise that in its purist form, Marxist-Leninism was a system which destroyed tradition, destroyed families, destroyed productivity and violently attacked ancient religions, particularly Christianity. Communism also destroyed one of the world’s great countries twice; once in 1917 and again in 1991. I’m speaking of course of the Russian/Soviet state.

Suddenly, reality bites.

Where does Donald Trump fit into this? Trump seems to have converted his erstwhile outsider beliefs to that of the deep state. The deep state way of thinking is as rigid as any extremist form of religion, communism or ultra-capitalism.

It seems as though someone read Donald Trump the following 10 Commandments of The Deep State: 

1. Thou shalt never be on the same side as Russia

2. Thou shalt engage in destabilising military activities in the Arab world  

3. Thou shalt not challenge the authority of the CIA 

4. Thou shalt lie about the nature of Iranian politics and North Korean society 

5. Thou shalt never put America first for the deep state is the god of globalism. 

6. Thou shalt give Julian Assange as hard a time as possible. 

7. Thou shalt not challenge the role of the Federal Reserve and its priests

8. Thou shalt not challenge or reform NATO 

9. Thou shalt show disrespect to the leaders of China whenever possible 

10. Thou shalt always be one-sided in the Israel-Palestine conflict

Sadly, Donald Trump now adheres to each of the aforementioned commandments, even those who he actively promised to break during his campaign. For many, America’s apparent readiness to now seek the arrest of Julian Assange is the straw that broke the camel’s back.

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Paul Craig Roberts, former United States Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy under Ronald Reagan, has suggested that Trump is a totally compromised President. He has recently written,

“In my long experience in Washington, vice presidents did not make major foreign policy announcements or threaten other countries with war.

Not even Dick Cheney stole this role from the weak president George W. Bush. But yesterday the world witnessed VP Pence threaten North Korea with war. “The sword stands ready,” said Pence as if he is the commander in chief. Perhaps he is.

Where is Trump? As far as I can tell from the numerous emails I receive from him, he is at work marketing his presidency. Once Trump won the election, I began receiving endless offers to purchase Trump baseball caps, T-shirts, cuff-links, coffee mugs, and to donate $3 to be entered into a raffle to win some memorabilia”.

I had previously suggested that Donald Trump had become the lap-dog of the deep state, whereas Obama had been a kind of deep state middle manager. In his role as apparent lap dog, Trump seems to be selling the policies that the deep state wants as well as coordinating the ‘photo opportunities’ in a made for TV war-zone.

Beyond this, the man seems to have sold out his principles and he has done so with remarkable speed. He has converted to the deep state way a lfie, a force as powerful as any other ideology or extremist interpretation of religion.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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