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Donald Trump spent the day savaging his critics on Twitter

Donald Trump has had a busy day on Twitter slamming the mainstream media, mocking Russiagate and attempting to promote peace abroad.

The opening salvo started with this.

As with his subsequent Tweets, this was likely directed more at internal opposition than to any foreign power. Much like with Syria, events in Ukraine and the Donbass republics are both moving at a pace with which the US cannot keep up.

Just today, politicians from Donbass and Russia met in Donetsk to talk about further economic, cultural and logistical integration.

READ MORE: Politicians from Russia and Donbass meet in Donetsk to discuss further integration

The Kiev regime is penniless and frankly brainless. Since Trump appears to be less ideologically inclined to offer them the kind of support his predecessor did, it is likely that the Kiev regime’s collapse is now a question of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’.

Because of this, the message of ‘peace’ ought to be understood as a coded term meaning, ‘it is perfectly okay to speak with Russia’.

Trump continued to down the ‘I was right and you were wrong’ track for the rest of the day.

In the above Tweet, Trump repeats one of his now classic lines about ‘Russiagate’ being invented as an excuse designed to justify the loss of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. It is difficult to argue otherwise.

He continued with several Tweets blasting the media’s handing of recent events,

Donald Trump seems not to have lost his ‘edge’ when it comes to Twitter.

The only question that remains is: does he understand what it takes to deliver the peace he has promised?

For America, detaching itself from conflict zones, including those the US created, is by far the best step towards achieving peace. A ‘can not do’ attitude in foreign affairs is long overdue.

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