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Donald Trump puts James Comey on notice

There are many moral, ethical and legally correct reasons for firing James Comey, but there is little question that Donald Trump indeed told the former FBI Director ‘you’re fired’ for reasons of personal anger and disgust.

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Comey was no different. In all likelihood, Comey himself was acting personally when he decided to pursue the bogus ‘Russiagate’ issue, knowing full well that there has yet to be a single piece of evidence in support of allegations that Donald Trump and his colleagues colluded with Russia in any way.

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With many including Julian Assange expecting a disgruntled former employee, Comey, to begin leaking government secrets to the press, Donald Trump has laid down the gauntlet in the following Tweet.

Donald Trump is clearly angry with Comey, but where does this end?

Officially there have been no covert recording devices in the White House since Richard Nixon’s resignation. It is anyone’s guess as to whether this apparent fact is the actual reality.

However, because Trump’s Tweet implied that it was Comey, rather than Trump who may have both knowledge of and fear of the content of supposed recordings of conversations between the two, it would appear that Donald Trump is attempting to shift the burden of proof and also blame onto Comey’s side.

Trump is not going to let this one go, seemingly neither will his opponents, including Mr. Comey  himself.

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