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CONFIRMED: Kidnapped Russian journalist Anna Kurbatova is being held by Ukrainian regime–to be forcibly deported

Her condition remains unknown.

The interior ministry of the Kiev regime has confirmed it has kidnapped  Russian journalist Anna Kurbatova and is currently holding her at an undisclosed location near Kiev.

Kurbatova who reports for Russia’s Channel One is to be forcibly deported from Ukraine and banned from future re-entry to the country for three years. British journalist Graham Phillips faced a similar ban when he was apprehended by regime forces in Donbass in 2014. His ban has expired this year, although it is not clear if he intends to continue reporting from the regime’s territory.

According to Olena Gitlyanska, a spokesperson for the regime’s security service SBU,

“The Russian propagandist Anna Kurbatova will be forcibly returned to Russia.

At the moment, the necessary documents are being processed for her official deportation. It will be the same with anyone who allows themselves to discredit Ukraine”.

The regime has refused to give details on Kurbatova’s condition in spite of both Reuters and Sputnik making enquiries.

The Russian Embassy in Kiev has raised the issue with the regime in the hopes of obtaining a resolution to the illegal hostage situation.

Earlier today, a crew reporting for Russia-24 were fired upon by regime forces while making reportage near Donetsk.

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