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IT’S ON TAPE – In just 45 seconds Obama official BURIES ‘Russia collusion’ claim against Flynn and Trump team

The Obama state department’s Mark Toner officially said ‘NO PROBLEM’ when questioned about Trump’s team contacting Russia

If this gets around, it could end up being special counsel Robert Mueller’s worst nightmare.

Former national security advisor Mike Flynn has now pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, but the hysterical deep state-controlled Fake News Media, smelling blood, has doubled down on its attempts to destroy Donald Trump’s presidency by proving “collusion” with Russia.

The insinuation throughout this process has been that Trump’s team holding discussions with Russia – whether regarding sanctions or the price of bread in Timbuktu does not matter – is somehow tantamount to treason.

Well, that’s not how Barack Obama’s administration saw it – here’s the deputy spokesman at State, Mark Toner, answering that very question just a week before the inauguration:

The president himself weighed in on Saturday:


The insane Russia inquisition may have some desperate last gasps of life left, but essentially, there is nothing to find – and there never was.

Rather, “Russiagate” is all about undermining a newly elected president who threatened established interests and dared to suggest changing US foreign policy (his indisputable constitutional prerogative).

Robert Mueller should indeed take a look at his dear friends and political allies, the Clintons. But we know he won’t do that.

Mr. Mueller, stop your ludicrous search for nothing and go home.

This is called game, set, match.

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