Zeit Online reports Germany cheated to win FIFA World Cup 2006 host country

Turns out that pristine and proper Germany also cheated to win the right to host the FIFA World Cup in 2006.

This according to newspaper Zeit Online…which means absolutely nothing, because every country that hosted a World Cup, Olympics, Champions League Final, EURO, gave some sort of kickback to someone…this includes the United States as well.

Its not about corruption, but about the right kind of corruption vs. the wrong type of corruption.

The formula goes like this…

Corruption that favors the US and its western vassal states = good.
Corruption that favors Africa, Asia, Russia and South America = bad.

Via Sputnik News Agency…

Back in 2000, Germany was granted the right to host the 2006 World Cup ahead of Brazil, Morocco, England and South Africa, beating its final opponent by only one vote.

Shortly before the final vote, German companies and politicians began to actively engage with countries, in which members of the FIFA Executive Committee lived, according to the newspaper.

One of the German automotive companies invested hundreds of millions of euros into a South Korean company as the voting was approaching. Interestingly, the son of the founder of the company was a member of the FIFA Executive Committee.

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Other big German corporations promised to invest large sums of money into industries in Thailand and South Korea. Moreover, the government of Gerhard Schroeder supplied anti-tank grenade launchers to Saudi Arabia one week prior to the voting procedure.

Although the election of Germany as the 2006 FIFA World Cup host might have been shady, from the judicial point of view the process was quite legal, the German newspaper reported.

Earlier, Constant Omari, the president of the Football Federation of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, said that representatives of the German Football Association won the right to host the 2006 World Cup after “buying the vote of Oceania.”


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