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You can take the Red pill, The Blue Pill or the Black pill.

This was a video that I should have made. This guy is gutsy & tells the truth in a direct attack. Great!

People should wake up. anything could happen now.

We are possibly in the opening events of WW3.

The Elite are already in their bunkers, the Pentagon are in their bunkers & the Democrats are sabotaging the US Navy.

Populations are being attacked in China, Italy & the USA with Coronavirus & 5G.

But how did we ever get to be so weak, so unaware of the dangers of radiation. And then How did the UN manage to get our Local Governments to implement their 5G installation.

Was it bribery, was it corruption or was an ideological play. They led the left into a socialist republic of their dreams. But then it just evaporated into UN Nazi Fascism.

And as the Globalist UN Empire strikes back our sleeping Fraud loving politicians have already sold all the UK assets to the enemy.

Click to access 5G_Sanctuary.pdf

Look at how our local Governments have lapped up the bribes for accepting Migrants for a bounty of millions. (Charity Fraud)

Look how our Local Governments have accepted the bribes to eresct 5G Radiation Weapons on our residential Street lamp posts.

And look how our government kow towed to the Chinese & the United Nations crooks to wipe out 90% of the Western Population.

And we still look to the local bobby to maintain Law & Order.

The worst thieves in the YUK have been our politicians & Prime Ministers.

The whole UK administration is corrupt from the bottom to the top.

And our brave fighters in the British Army, our defenders, have been dispatched to foreign shores as their Generals move to Barbados on their wealth.

OK everybody. Ready for WW3? You Fuckwits.

You can take the Red pill, The Blue Pill or the Black pill.

But knowing me knowing you;

It’ll be TV, Beer & wine as usual.

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