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WSJ Blasts "Willing Press Echo Chamber" For Enabling Schiff To "Distort Truth For Political Gain"

“[Schiff] gets away with distorting the truth for political purposes…because he has a willing echo chamber in the Washington press corps…”

With Bloomberg News now banned from Trump campaign events, after openly admitting its political bias, and with the likes of Harwood and Todd now fully paid up members of the resistance, there has been one voice from the establishment media that has remained quietly ‘balanced’, quietly not-activist, and quietly reporting the news.

The Wall Street Journal has lambasted President Trump for his trade war, anguished over his manner, and criticized many of his actions as President; but, unlike the rest of the mainstream media, they have also acknowledged his successes, reported the facts about various left-wing conspiracies (as opposed to amplified them), and has not been afraid to stand alone as a quasi voice of reason amid the most-polarized environment this nation has known since the Civil War.

All of which is background for what The Journal did tonight as its Editorial Board dared to go after two ‘untouchables’ – Rep. Adam Schiff and the Washington press corps.

In a stunning rebuke of both, an op-ed details how the Horowitz report exposes the Democrat’s many distortions. They begin with a jab-jab-cross.

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The Gang that Couldn't Shoot Straight
The Gang that Couldn't Shoot Straight
December 11, 2019

Tch Tch, the WSJ isn’t playing well with its friends. Schiff will work Gazprom in there somehow when he comes to criticize it.

Big Daddy Roth
Big Daddy Roth
December 11, 2019

What d’yall think…is this a pretty good impression of Adam Schiffty burning rubber into the 2020 elections?comment image

Paul Martin
Paul Martin
December 12, 2019

Recently surfacing: an interesting Schiff image to consider. What are the implications of his actions in the light of a t-shirt logo?

Horowitz delivers devastating report. Sets the table for Barr & Durham (Video)

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