Worst Vice President ever, Dick Cheney, calls Obama worst President ever

Former Vice President Dick Cheney did not mince words when asked by ABC’s Jake Tapper what he really thought of President Obama…

“I think he is the worst president of my lifetime. I fundamentally disagree with him. I think he’s doing a lot of things wrong,” said Cheney. “I’m glad to see that the House Republicans are challenging him, at least legally at this point.”

OUCH! Come on Dick, Obama cannot possibly be worse than say…

  • Richard Nixon (the only President to resign form office amid the Watergate scandal), or
  • James Buchanan (largely credited for refusing to challenge the spread of slavery that would lead to the U.S. Civil War), or
  • George W. Bush (who pushed for an illegal war in Iraq in search of WMDs that were never found).

Actually, wasn’t Dick Cheney the VP under the George W. Bush term…talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Dick Cheney has a lot of balls for calling out Obama, because Cheney was not only a terrible VP, but in a normal, functioning society, Dick Cheney would have been found guilty of numerous war crimes as well as financial misconduct, graft, and God knows how many other crimes befitting a Neo-Conservative sociopath.

And let’s not forget that Cheney duped the U.S. taxpayer into a ‘false flag’ conflict, that to date has cost over 3 trillion USD, and resulted in a jihadist movement ten times worse than Al Qaeda, now controlling the very country American soldiers died ‘liberating’. Dick Cheney, you served Halliburton America well.

But, and I say this begrudgingly and with a little vomit in my mouth, Dick Cheney is probably correct…Obama is possibly the worst President in our lifetime.

Under Obama we have had mass NSA surveillance, the dismantling of the middle class, something like over 10 wars and conflicts, coups, juntas, IMF pillaging of sovereign nations, and a complete degradation of the U.S.’s standing in the global community.  The ‘Yes we can’ POTUS has been, and continues to be an utter and absolute disaster.

Cheney wishes for Obama to fully succumb to the satanic Victora Nuland, neo-conservative dogma of war and destabilisation, while we wish Obama would simply stop being such a push over, and stop listening to the very same Victoria Nuland, neo-conservative policy line.

While we disagree as to why Obama is such a bad POTUS, the statement by Dick Cheney, unfortunately, rings true.

Here is the interview with Dick Cheney on U.S. television:


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