Chuck Schumer’s identity politics in action on the Senate floor

Schumer employs racial discrimination as excuse to vote against a nominee for the U.S, Federal District Court

Democratic U.S. Senator from New York, Charles Schumer, openly declared that racial discrimination needs to be a regular component of the nomination process for the appointment of federal judges.

Schumer announced that he will be casting a “no” vote on the Quattlebaum nomination on the basis that he is white.

Schumer takes this opportunity to take a pot shot at the Republican President by casting aspersions on his nomination for the South Carolina U.S. District Court. In contrast, this is an opportunity to praise the previous presidential administration for its wonderful progress in the matter of diversity. Schumer declared:

“The nomination of Marvin Quattlebaum speaks to the overall lack of diversity in President Trump’s selections for the federal judiciary. Mister Quattlebaum replaces not one, but two scuttled Obama nominees who were African American.”

“As of February 14th, 83 percent of the President Trump’s confirmed nominees were male, 92 percent were white. That represents the lowest share of non-white candidates in three decades. It’s long past time that the judiciary starts looking a lot more like the America it represents. Having a diversity of views and experiences on the federal bench is necessary for the equal administration of justice.”

Schumer uses this opportunity to advance a version of diversity politics that doesn’t treat race as something that is only skin deep, or an artificial social construct, but as something that makes real differences in the way people are treated and perceived, and as a reason to hire or fire someone.

This excuse to criticize the Republican Presidential administration of Donald Trump further demonstrates that the identity politics that the Left has raised to the level of dogma is far more of a political motivating factor than what is commonly claimed.

The Left isn’t advancing an agenda that aims at the end of discrimination, it wants to wield discrimination as a weapon against its own political enemies at the expense of social stability. In this case, Quattlebaum gets to be the whipping boy.

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