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Will MMT Begin in 2021? U.S. Dollar Lost 99% of Its Value and the End of This Monetary System

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May 18, 2021

The FED cannot spent itself out of debt. That said the money supply is not the problem. FED muppets know only marketing, they have no idea how banking works. The real problem is that the FED and ECB destroyed the very source of wealth creation and the middle class by destroying community banking that fund small and medium size companies for new products R&D. Instead the FED and ECB print money to keep the Zombi Casino Banks alive. The debt can be cancelled by a jubilee as the debt was created with money out of thin air. Money is IOU’s.… Read more »

Jesualdo Correia
Jesualdo Correia
Reply to  Tom
May 19, 2021

So the traditional conceptual “marxist” analysis that in spät Kapitalismus there is an unescapable tendency of big enterprises/enterprises to incessantly absorbe small ones and even among themselves -mafia style sometimes – is also valid for the banks. This one Rudolph Hilferding didn’t predict!

Jesualdo Correia
Jesualdo Correia
Reply to  Jesualdo Correia
May 19, 2021

… enterprises/corporations…

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