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Why NATO is dangerous for the Baltic States | The Baltic Word

Relations between Russia and NATO are becoming worse. In the near future, the situation can become quite dangerous. Since the Baltic States are the main NATO bridgeheads, deterioration of the situation will lead to the most negative consequences for the population of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The United States is committed to rebuilding and mobilizing…

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Kaos Andy
April 28, 2021

If we created a “buffer zone” betwixt The E.U. and New Russia , made from the Baltic States in the north , all the way down through the other ex-Soviet countries , right down on a North West to South East slant terminating in like Bulgaria Herogovsnia , then build a common currency with common Ultra High Speed transport system to service them , hope and motivation would be crested in the people whilst simultaneously averting war ? The transport system would be vacuum tubes enabling ground level hypersonic velocity (5000 kmh) and the currency would naturally float between The… Read more »

April 28, 2021

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