Why even take the vaccine if THIS is what happens? [Video]

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Look at this chart of COVID-19 cases in the US provided by John Hopkins University of Medicine. It shows, in this order:

  1. The number of reported cases of COVID-19 (any mutant)
  2. The number of deaths attributed to the illness
  3. The number of people vaccinated.

The present percentage of Americans who have been vaccinated presently sits at 49.6%, according to the CDC’s most recent data run.

If you notice that spike on the right in number of cases, and some increase also in number of deaths, this should grab your attention, because the spike is almost as high as the maximum was in January of this year, the climb got to this point extremely rapidly, and yet, presently about half the country is vaccinated.

Why does it look like that vaccination counts make so little difference?

Admittedly, by my own reporting, and others, it had looked like the vaccination program in the United States was directly related to a plummeting rate of COVID infections in the US. Only a few weeks ago, fewer than 4,000 cases were recorded nationwide, and it looked like a magnificent success story for the vaccination drive. Indeed, I was tempted to think (and therefore thought), the crisis is over.

While I have no direct access to American stories of people falling sick with “Delta” COVID, there are quite a few folks I know or know of in Russia that have had it. Some go to the hospital, most don’t. The Delta wave seemed to be of short duration in Russia and generally appears to be following the similar pattern of the rest of the pandemic – a moderate rise and a slow decline.

However, the interesting situation here is that the massive vaccination drive in the United States, which has been largely successful (just over fifty percent of the American population is now “fully vaccinated”, and the Russian vaccination drive, which has been far slower, with 17.4% of the population “fully vaccinated” seem to show, if anything, an inverse relation or a completely disconnected relationship with the national caseload rises and falls.

This report is corroborated by several sources, who now note that some 74% of new American cases of COVID-19 are occurring among fully vaccinated people.

Here is more of what the abovementioned CDC morbidity report actually says in its opening statements (reformatting and bold emphases added for clarity):

During July 2021, 469 cases of COVID-19 associated with multiple summer events and large public gatherings in a town in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, were identified among Massachusetts residents; vaccination coverage among eligible Massachusetts residents was 69%. Approximately three quarters (346; 74%) of cases occurred in fully vaccinated persons (those who had completed a 2-dose course of mRNA vaccine [Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna] or had received a single dose of Janssen [Johnson & Johnson] vaccine ≥14 days before exposure).

Genomic sequencing of specimens from 133 patients identified the B.1.617.2 (Delta) variant of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, in 119 (89%) and the Delta AY.3 sublineage in one (1%).

Overall, 274 (79%) vaccinated patients with breakthrough infection were symptomatic. Among five COVID-19 patients who were hospitalized, four were fully vaccinated; no deaths were reported. Real-time reverse transcription–polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) cycle threshold (Ct) values in specimens from 127 vaccinated persons with breakthrough cases were similar to those from 84 persons who were unvaccinated, not fully vaccinated, or whose vaccination status was unknown (median = 22.77 and 21.54, respectively).

However, this next statement seems illogical:

The Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 is highly transmissible (1); vaccination is the most important strategy to prevent severe illness and death.

How is that so? No one died at all from this outbreak. However, five of the 274 symptomatic patients were hospitalized (about 1.82%), and of all known cases, this percentage sinks to 1.44% across all identified cases.

Yet the CDC suggests vaccination is useful to prevent severe illness and death? How do they arrive at this conclusion?

This report was for a specific and small community in Massachusetts. However another report talks about the same occurrence on a much larger scale:

Dr. Walensky, the director of the Centers for Disease Control, also noted similar statistics, saying that the amount of COVID-19 viruses found in vaccinated and unvaccinated people recently have been the same, and that 80% of the new cases of Delta are hitting vaccinated people.

The CDC, as many of you already know, changed its guidance, and now the mask mandates are returning to many parts of the United States.

In all fairness, the notion that the CDC is somehow disingenuous for changing its guidance here is wrong. While it is possible that the organization may be making sensationalism out of this virus as we have seen a lot of already, my own observations during the course of the Delta wave in Moscow were signficant – a lot of people, including many people I know personally, got very sick indeed. Young, old, it made no difference.

However, while Moscow vaccination rates were around ten percent of the population at the beginning of Delta’s run, the US has had in the neighborhood of fifty percent of the population.

The vaccines’ effect on preventing infection seems to be nil, and the connection to being vaccinated and not having a “severe” or “fatal” case of COVID-19 appears dubious at best, because COVID-19 Alpha doesn’t kill very many people anyway.

Probably the one clear point that we can take as fact is that the Delta mutation spreads much more rapidly than the Alpha does. The current spike in US cases does show a steeper climb than that of the biggest wave thus far to happen, which began in October and took four months to peak.

The collection of observations I have kept on hand about COVID of all kinds now has these characteristics:

  1. seasonal change appears to have no significant effect
  2. vaccines have no effect, at least for mutations as the mutant viruses encounter vaccinated people
  3. masking has no effect
  4. social distancing has no discernible effect – the waves come and go in a roughly sinusoidal cycle that seems to be unresponsive to measures taken by the medical community and population.
  5. government restrictions have no discernible effect – the localities in Russia that clamped down on their populations this summer seemed to be defied as Delta suddenly seemed to drop on its own, even as the restrictions failed to capture the attention of many citizens.

All of this points back to the “bioengineered chimeric virus, made resistant to all vaccines by splicing proteins common to other freakish viruses like HIV…” and of course, to Dr Anthony Fauci’s funneling money from US taxpayers to the National Institutes of Health and hence to the Wuhan Institute of Virology to do gain of function research, which appears to be how we got this ‘bug’ in the first place.

Perhaps we ought to pay some serious attention to the next statement, written by founder Andrew Torba. He seems to have the most sane answer to all of this:

The people in power don’t care about Covid. They don’t care about the vaccines. They care about control. This entire situation is one giant demoralization campaign designed to grind us all down spiritually, emotionally, physically, and financially. If they can get us all to submit once, they can get us all to submit fully and forever.

We can’t let that happen. Do not let them get in your head with the fear mongering, the lies, and the shapeshifting narratives. They are exposing themselves like never before in human history and we are living through a period of immense spiritual warfare.

We must remember that we are human beings, made in the image of God. We always have choices. We always have hope. Darkness cannot and never will consume the light of Christ.

Do not look to political leaders for help. There is no political solution to a spiritual problem. Look to Jesus Christ. Open your Bible. Pray. Put on the full armor of God and get to work building something new. They have left us no choice. We can and must rebuild from scratch and it starts in your own heart and in your own local community.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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Balthassar Gerards
Balthassar Gerards
August 4, 2021

It has been explained by many sciencists why the pcr test is unable to detect an infection (or case), among them its inventor, Gary Mullis, There is no reason to rely on that faulty test, even if the outcome suits a short range goal.

No virus has been isolated, the pcr-test is useless, the so-called vaccine is an unapproved experimental gene therapy and all their numbers are fake.

Pluriformity has been replaced with polarisation. We are in the midst of a full blown fascist propaganda campaign. The eugenics are back at the helm.

August 4, 2021

This is the most dangerous medical experiment in history, and the most frightening part is how many people are remaining silent and going along with it. This shows precisely why huge corporate monopolies should never have been allowed to exist. Give psychopaths all the resources and power imaginable and this is the outcome.

August 4, 2021

A +ve PCR test is not a case by previous definitions.
If a vaccinated person is exposed to the virus, the immune system will get a head start but will still be in combat with the virus. So the virus will still be present and will likely trigger the highly sensitive PCR test on top of false negatives. The vaccines do not create an anti-virus force field.

Sally Snyder
Sally Snyder
August 4, 2021

As shown in this article, one American state has recently passed legislation that will allow governments to subject its residents to mandatory vaccinations and forced quarantining:

If governments can lock us down for health reasons, there are many other reasons that they can lock us down, force us into quarantine and isolate us from our families and each other.

August 5, 2021

Startling stuff: German chief pathologist sounds alarm on fatal vaccine injuries. The director of the Pathological Institute of the University of Heidelberg, Peter Schirmacher, has carried out over forty autopsies on people who had died within two weeks of their vaccination. Schirmacher expressed alarm over his findings. This is so horrific I find it hard to credit but the primary source (Reimer Fuellmich) is generally very reliable. The interviewee sounds fairly knowledgeable but what he alleges is explosive: “Dr. Ardis explains how Dr. Anthony Fauci knew the experimental drug Remdesivir was deadly, yet he mandated it anyway!” (Video) Make… Read more »

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