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Why Britain’s attempt to shut down RT makes people ‘question more’

The news of the last two days has been horrifying, troubling and disconcerting. But as the dust slowly settles, it is appropriate to search for silver linings. In respect of RT being bullied by the UK government-financial complex, there is a glaring silver lining. Here’s why:

Many people in the West simply do not ‘question more’ as RT implores them to do. The reasons are manifold.

First of all there’s a general feeling of democratic malaise amongst many. People are routinely disappointed by a ‘democratic’ system in which  governing parties change after elections but policies remain almost identical.

Furthermore, an increasingly poor standard of historical, political and sociological education in western schools has left many numb to the fact that there are serious events transpiring in the wider world.

Lastly, a corporate culture which encourages people to value decadence, perversion, narcotics and narcissism, has eclipsed any attempts to build a culture based on literacy, art, science, sport and humane values.

But things are slowly changing. As the economy which supports the warped consumerist values of the west begins to crumble, people are beginning to question if the shibboleths on which this culture is built are worth saving. In other words many are beginning to question more, slowly but surely.

But because of mainstream media attempts to hide the existence of sources like RT, The Duran, Sputnik and Tass from the public, finding the answer to the questions isn’t always easy for Western audiences. Yesterday, this changed. 

People who had never heard of RT now have, people who have heard of it but never watched it now will.

In trying to silence a genuine voice of opposition to the silly narratives of the Western mainstream media, the powers that be scored something of an own goal.

The scandal was splashed throughout the broadsheets, tabloids and television channels of Britain and beyond.

Many who may not even care for RT came to RT’s defence under the noble premise that the defence of free speech must be uniformly applied.

As George Galloway said during an interview on RT,

“Britain allows free speech, so long as it isn’t heard”

Well RT is certainly being heard now, and the question remains whether the British establishment have the guts to pull down the mask of NatWest and reveal themselves as people who simply want to shut down a voice of opposition.

When I considered all of this, I said to myself, this is an ‘Uber moment’.

For those who don’t know, Uber is a smartphone app which allows people to order a cab to their location at a moment’s notice and be dropped at the location they programme into the app.

No cash is exchanged, it is all accomplished through digital transfer.

When Uber came to London, London’s Black Cab drivers staged a protest.

Like the BBC, Black Cabs are highly regulated, the cars pollute the air, they are overpriced, payment is inconvenient, and many of the drivers are infamous for a grumpy attitude, though some it must be said are decent hard working people.

In order to try to ban Uber from the streets of London they decided to hold a series of protests whereby they’d park their cabs in the middle of London’s busiest streets, thereby bringing the city centre to a standstill.

I’m not sure who advised them on this, but inconveniencing people in a city which already has terrible traffic problems isn’t exactly a way to get the public on one’s side.

Personally, I had never heard of Uber before the strike. But when I was forced to walk miles in inclement weather because of the strike, I found out what Uber was.

Since then, the only taxis I ride in are Uber cars. I know that there are many others like me.

I believe that this is what the British establishment may have accomplished in respect of RT. People who were fed up with the BBC and Sky now realise that there is an alternative. Long may it continue.

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