Why are Europeans pushing Greece towards a default? Simple…to confiscate Greece’s gold

In the same way the US carted off with all of Ukraine’s gold reserves in the dark of night the minute the coup was complete, or how America paid off the Netherlands in gold (maybe even the same gold previously stolen from Ukraine) to keep the truth about MH17 under wraps…so too we now see that gold theft is a driving factor in Europe’s push to take Greece to the edge and beyond.

Via Zerohedge…

When it comes to the topic of Greece, most pundits focus on two items: i) when will Greece finally run out of confiscated cash, and ii) will Greece fold to the Troika (and agree to another bailout(s) with even more austerity) or to Russia (and agree to the passage of the Russian Turkish Stream pipeline, potentially exiting NATO and becoming the most important European satellite of the USSR 2.0) once that moment arrives.

And yet what everyone appears to be forgetting is a nuanced clause buried deep in the term sheet of the second Greek bailout: a bailout whose terms will be ultimately reneged upon if and when Greece defaults on its debt to the Troika (either in or out of the Eurozone). Recall that as per our report from February 2012, in addition to losing its sovereignty years ago, Greece also lost something far more important. It’s gold:

To wit:

Ms. Katseli, an economist who was labor minister in the government of George Papandreou until she left in a cabinet reshuffle last June, was also upset that Greece’s lenders will have the right to seize the gold reserves in the Bank of Greece under the terms of the new deal.

The “new deal”referred to is the Second Greek Bailout, which either will be extended and lead to a third (and fourth, and fifth bailout, each with every more draconian terms until finally Greece does default), or will collapse at which point the Troika will indeed have the right to seize the Greek gold reserves.


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Why are Europeans pushing Greece towards a default? Simple…to confiscate Greece’s gold

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