Who’s your daddy? Ukraine PM Yatsenyuk runs to Washington crying over recent gov dismissals. Receives this letter from US Senator RIchard Durbin

Nuland’s golden boy, Ukraine Prime Minister Yats is upset that Ukraine’s President Porky is firing certain people from the putsch government.

The “Rabbit” has to defer to Washington to receive some answers, as well as some orders from his rulers in the US Senate.

US Senator Richard Durbin showing us once again that America calls all the shots in Ukraine.

Via The Saker

Colonel Cassad just posted this amazing document.  Reading this opus it is pretty darn clear who runs Banderastan and how.  I actually feel sorry for the poor Ukies who actually sincerely believe that they are independent.  As I have written it recently – the Ukraine is becoming an African banana republic.



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357 Mag
357 Mag
July 5, 2015

The filthy ZioNazi Jew Nuland needs to be bushwacked, just saying…

July 7, 2015

Just another piece of Russian fakery…so hilarious. Reminds me of the fake photos you guys produced to blame Ukraine for shooting down MH17.

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, “after 2,500 years in Western World only current Greek gov is interested in democracy”

Must read from Automatic Earth, “This currency that Greece is fighting so hard to be part of is in fact strangling it”