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What About… Ukraine Gold?

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

A subject you won’t hear much about – or anything about — in the western media, is about Ukraine’s gold. Since fiat and its derivatives rule the day, the popular belief is that gold is mainly a ‘quaint artifact’ of the past and plays no role in geopolitics. The foregoing is of course a totally incorrect CNBC-type take, as most popular beliefs are, so it’s no surprise that no mainstream commentator will address the subject of Ukraine gold. But gold is still a primary source for financial collateral among sovereigns. To put that another way, gold reserves may be a major contention between belligerents when those reserves are substantial and at stake.

But first, set aside the nonsense about the west having any access or control with regard to Russia’s governmental hard gold reserve assets, because such assertion is factually western propagandist nonsense. However the situation for the Ukraine is quite different, which we will now explore. In 2014 the Ukraine held more gold reserves than it does now, because stupidly in 2015 Kiev did a deal with the IMF where gold reserves were exchanged for a dollar loan, a subject covered in my 2019 article: Ukraine’s IMF Gold and the Gold Carry Trade

Then, as now, the Ukraine was worried about a potential Russian intervention after the US State Maidan coup of 2014, so the Ukraine transferred its hard gold reserves to New York. Since then, the Ukraine’s gold reserves have resided in the New York Fed’s vaults, even if the Fed refuses to admit that. And by the way, one reason Russia had no real interest in taking Kiev is because the Ukraine government’s gold reserves are not held there.

From 2014:

Even though the Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries with close ties to Israel and the United States, surprisingly it has no real gold refinery industry of interest. As such, Kiev implicitly acknowledged the primacy of the LBMA gold cartel when the Ukraine deposited its gold reserves in New York, as per above.

In 2014 Ukraine’s gold reserves were estimated at 36 metric tonnes, while today the estimate is 27 tonnes. The loss is due to a collateral default by Ukraine on a $16B US loan the Ukraine received from the IMF in 2015. But today the Ukraine has no need to worry about that, because, like US ‘aid’ to Israel, the Ukraine is essentially provided with free hand-outs via US /EU funds needed to keep the Kiev regime afloat.

Even so, the Rulers of the Planet in Washington seldom give anything away for free — even to one of the many Failed States Washington habitually creates. In that regard, the many billions just floated to Ukraine by an exceedingly corrupt US Congress is about matched by the reserves the Ukraine allegedly has on hand. Coincidence theory?

Beside crypto-hashing, cyber-hacking, and business fraud (especially in banking) the big corrupt deal for the Kiev regime (prior to the SMO) was as a transfer point and exporter of illicit arms that could not be accomplished by normal ‘legal’ means. Kiev’s business was mainly the illicit arms business, as utilized by a host of western and middle eastern governments, especially including the UAE. Those historic Ukraine-brokered arms deals supported western-aligned aggression in Africa (Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Libya, etc) and the Middle East and Yemen. (Example arms dealer: Vadim Rabinovich )

For a further idea about the extreme level of ‘dodgems’ the Ukraine is noted for, look no further than the list of ‘recommended’ gold exporters in Kiev, whether Gold Technologies LTD, “John Wagner”, or TradeMasters. “John Wagner” as gold dealer is particularly interesting where all references lead back to the PMC Wagner Group, about which the western media simply goes ballistic. One can only wonder if “John Wagner” as gold dealer is a joke inspired by political mischief? Now, here is what Kiev ‘gold dealer’ Trademasters has published to generate interest about its gold sales:

Indeed, even if Russia’s government believed that thirty tonnes or so of Kiev central bank gold  would be handy to add to Russia’s existing large and untouchable central bank gold stockpile, that Ukraine gold was transferred to New York vaults a long time ago. And Russia is not quite ready to invade the Federal Reserve gold vaults yet — even if the New York Times would have you believe otherwise.

That Ukraine gold lies just below Wall Street, and reinforces the perception of the true corruption that is extant within the Kiev regime, and among its associates. Ukraine corruption is a long-standing affair over many years, and certainly will not go away with the help of scads of hastily-created Federal Reserve notes from Washington… not to mention torrents of new weaponry received from Europe and from the US. But the Ukraine’s gold is certainly secure in New York, where it is now, and could be immediately and hastily seized by the US Treasury if the Ukraine government ever made a move that Washington did not approve of..

Steve Brown


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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