What a real invasion look likes. Check out these aerial photos of thousands of migrants on the move in Europe

Why could no one produce these types of photos during the hyped up, and totally fake, “Russia invasion of Ukraine” meme was being plastered all over the interwebs?

For those wondering what a real invasion looks like, take a look at these photos of migrants pouring into Europe.

Perhaps these migrants could use some of the Russian army’s “invisible” suits, so that they cannot be spotted from above, and effectively migrate to Germany without trouble.




Via Zerohedge…

As a reminder, Jean-Claude Juncker and Angela Merkel are attempting to convince recalcitrant states to support efforts to place hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers, but a mandatory quota system only served to enrage the likes of Hungary which quickly moved to close off its borders with Serbia and Croatia and that, in turn, set off a Balkan border battle.

Now, Brussels is looking to provide shelter for the migrants as they make their way to Germany but as we noted earlier this week, these way stations will swiftly become overcrowded, unsafe refugee internment camps and they’ll likely be easy targets for vociferous anti-migrant protests or worse.

If you needed further evidence of the extent to which any attempt to shelter the flood of asylum seekers with makeshift camps is likely to prove not only futile, but dangerous, consider the following video which vividly demonstrates just how acute the crisis has become:

As you can see, the situation is quickly spiraling out of control and it isn’t at all clear that Europe can cope with the people flows even if it wanted to. This is nothing short of an epochal demographic shift and as we’ve documented on a number of occasions (see here and here for instance), it’s not at all clear that Europeans are prepared for it.

Caution: xenophobia ahead.


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October 30, 2015

US vassal EU is complicit in its self destruction until it breaks with the US and turns to Eurasia.

Edmund burke326
Edmund burke326
October 30, 2015


Greek PM Alexis Tsipras on the EU migrant crisis…”I feel shamed as a member of this European leadership”

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