Greek PM Alexis Tsipras on the EU migrant crisis…”I feel shamed as a member of this European leadership”

Feeling shame is one thing, but not taking action to do the job you were elected by the people to do is another thing all together.

All EU leaders should shut the hell up with these cry baby sentiments, and just do their job…which coincidently is looking after the best interests of their nation, above and beyond anything else.

Europe needs leadership, or all is lost. And next time some crazy neocon in Washington, like Samantha Powers, John McCain or Vicky Nuland, has another bright idea about regime change somewhere…Europe, just say NO!

Via Ekathimerini…

“I feel shamed as a member of this European leadership, both for the inability of Europe in dealing with this human drama, and for the level of debate at a senior level, where one is passing the buck to the other,” Tsipras told Parliament.

“These are hypocritical, crocodile tears which are being shed for the dead children on the shores of the Aegean. Dead children always incite sorrow, But what about the children that are alive who come in thousands and are stacked on the streets? Nobody likes them.”

More than 500,000 migrants and refugees have crossed through Greece to central and northern Europe since the beginning of the year, exposing deep fissures among EU member states in dealing with one of the worst humanitarian crises in decades.


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