Western media turns a blind eye to the fact that Poroshenko’s shipbuilding company has been contracted to build warships

If the Maidan was all about corruption, than Ukrainians must feel really stupid right about now, given the fact that their “elected” President “Porky” Poroshenko is making cash hand over fist, while the citizens of Ukraine become poorer by the day.

Case in point, Porky is now using the excuse of Crimean reunification with Russia (what’s new) to capitalise on pocketing IMF/EU/US money…that will come in the form of mega billion dollar shipbuilding contracts to the very shipyard and engineering plant he conveniently owns.

One word for all Ukrainians…you got suckered like no other country on the planet, or history f the world has been suckered.

Western media, in all it complicity with the illegal coup and support of corrupt, war criminal oligarchs, reports on the news as if a president of a country owning a shipyard that receives government contracts is an everyday occurrence in government.

The 1% around the world have found the ultimate money making machine…its called “blame Russia, blame Putin”…to act as the ultimate justification for shady business deals.

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357 Mag
357 Mag
September 26, 2015

Yeap, and that filthy ZioNazi warmongering jooo whore Victoria Nuland needs to be bushwacked by the angry disgruntled Ukrainian goys, just saying…

Tsipras’ new election promise…cut the Greek debt. Good luck with that Alexis

Greece’s new cabinet will be sworn in on Wednesday. Will they report to the Greek people or German government?