SUCKERS! Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova sign EU pact

The saying goes,”There’s a sucker born every minute.” Yesterday we had the pleasure of seeing three suckers born, as the heads of state of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova signed the European Union Economic Trade Pact, or as we like to call it, The EU Pact to Enslave and Destroy your Country.

Never mind the fact that the altruistic and freedom loving Europeans signed up a country for association (Ukraine) that is currently run by the Right Sector neo-nazi extremists and shelling its own citizens with heavy artillery. These are just minor details for today’s modern EU…it’s just business as usual for Brussels.

Of course no EU event would be complete without more threats of sanctions against Russia, making sure that European leaders not only handily gut and pillage the economies of the three new associate countries, but also further exasperate the current crisis in their own nations by threatening one of Europe’s largest energy and trade partners.

Leave it to EU unelected oligarchs like Barroso and van Rompuy to put the needs and well being of John Kerry and Victoria Nuland ahead of their own European citizens. This whole Ukraine regime change, Russian sanctions mess up will end well, we are sure of it.

The details of the historic event as reported by Reuters:

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko came to Brussels to sign a far-reaching trade and political cooperation agreement with the EU that has been at the heart of months of deadly violence and upheaval in his country, drawing an immediate threat of “grave consequences” from Russia.

Georgia and Moldova signed similar deals, holding out the prospect of deep economic integration and unfettered access to the EU’s 500 million citizens, but alarming Moscow which is concerned about losing influence over former Soviet republics.

EU leaders meeting in Brussels demanded that, by Monday, Ukrainian rebels agree to ceasefire verification arrangements, return border checkpoints to Kiev authorities, free hostages and launch serious talks on implementing Poroshenko’s peace plan.

“We expect progress in the next hours,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel said. “If we don’t see any steps forward on any of the points, then we are also prepared to take drastic measures.”

EU leaders said they were ready to meet again at any time to adopt significant sanctions on Russia. Diplomats said they could target new people and companies with asset freezes as early as next week. More than 60 names are already on the list.

Although it has drawn up a list of hard-hitting economic sanctions against Russia, the EU is still hesitating over deploying them because of fears among some member states of antagonizing their major energy supplier.

Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova have made clear their ultimate goal is EU entry but Brussels, under pressure from voters weary of further expansion, has made no promise it will allow them in.

Let me get this straight…while European citizens are cursing the day they ever entered the Eurozone we have Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova wanting to join in on the pain and misery that is modern Europe. Hello…Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Portugal, Ireland, France, Italy. How dumb must you be to want to enter this bankrupt union lead by a bunch of Brussels despots, after seeing the effects that membership had on the above countries?

The EU is anything but democratic or wealthy and is far from being a proponent of human rights and equality. This is the Union that had the balls and arrogance to raid its very citizen’s deposit bank accounts, so the Brussels stooges can continue on with their lavish parties, hookers and fat expense accounts. This is the Union that has burdened Spain and Greece with 30% unemployment rates and monthly property taxes pegged to electric bills.

Here is what the new associate countries can expect from the newly signed agreement. Economic austerity, wage adjustments (down not up), local markets flooded by European goods, small and medium sized businesses closing, more austerity, costly compliance regulations, more austerity, mass exodus of  the youth populations (men to work as plumbers in Germany, women to work as waitresses, strippers or escorts), loss of traditional values, religion and decency and of course more austerity.  

Men will see their girlfriends and wives using their new found Schengen travel freedoms to bolt for the greener pastures of Germany and Holland, while those brave enough to stay in country will see pensions slashed, taxes increased and property levies that will create mass misery for all.

Europeans, especially those crafty northern nations will gobble up all of the new entrants’ land, industry and capital on the cheap. They will bang the local females for pennies on the dollar, and generally make a mockery of what once were great countries rich in history, religion and traditional values.

At the end of the day, men and the elderly will suffer most, seeing their jobs disappear, their properties stolen and their female partners and loved ones duped for the ‘good’ life that is Europe.

Welcome to Europe. SUCKERS.


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