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Wealthy Sweet’N Low magnate Donald Tober leaps to his death from NYC apartment

Wealthy Sweet’N Low magnate leaps to death from NYC apartment

Donald Tober, CEO and co-owner of the New York-based Sugar Foods, leapt to his death just after 5 a.m., and was found in the courtyard of the luxury, Upper East Side building between 65th and 66th streets, the sources said.


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January 17, 2021

Always interesting:

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Many of us with roots in central Europe want to know how the EU morphed into THE


We can’t get rid of SOROS soon enough.

We all know that we cannot win a war with the RF.

Moreover we all know that the EU is populated by grifters and criminals.

The EU press is threatened by EU employed mafia agents.

Same as the SA in 1933.

Reply to  Luka-The-K9
January 17, 2021

The view from Dallas TX:

“Daily Dose Of Straight Talk With John B. Wells Episode 1461”

Anthony Enos Wicher
January 17, 2021

I will give odds that he was pushed.

Espresso Freak
Espresso Freak
Reply to  Anthony Enos Wicher
January 17, 2021

Ha, probably the woke patrol. They’ve been badmouthing sweet & low for decades. I’ve been sweetening coffee with it for even longer. Maybe I’m stupid but I’m still healthy.

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